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Main focus – bearing timber constructions when element joints are formed using metal connecting plates.

During the design, the structure is modeled to the desired geometrical shape, and during the construction calculation the dimensions of wooden elements and connection plates are chosen. The rational arrangement of the mesh elements makes the structure itself as attractive as possible in terms of both production and price.

Operational information about the estimated costs to the customer is one of the key issues, so it is very important to know them already during the preparation of the commercial offer. The design system generates labor costs for the production of the structure automatically, taking into account all the required wood, plate joints, assembly.

The ability to use multi-dimensional beams allows these structures to be used to overlap large openings in various hangars or public buildings.

These types of constructions increase the completeness and prefabrication of industrial production of timber frame and panel houses. The economic effect is achieved by decreasing the installation time of the structures and saving wood.

From the architect's idea and its capabilities, from visualization to project realization, we have and must address the following issues in one way or another:

  1. Designing – the load-bearing capacity of the structure is calculated, the work design is prepared. As a result, we know the type of truss, the size of the wooden elements, the metal joints, the pitch of the truss in the roof.
  2. Commerce – Quantities of materials are evaluated, production, labor costs - a commercial offer is prepared for the customer.
  3. Production – after the transaction, documentation for production is prepared, production and transportation are organized.